3 Reasons Why Your Storage Centre Needs Fire Protection

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Make sure your storage centre is protected today

Whether you’re looking to create additional space in your warehouse, either with installing a brand new mezzanine floor or if you’re looking to add a lift shaft, it is very important that you provide appropriate fire protection throughout your facility in order to adhere to building regulations and to keep your storage facility safe.  There are many other reasons for why fire protection is important throughout your facility, with one of the main reasons that it ensures that your customers and your own property is protection from fire damage. So, here are 3 other reasons for why you should consider fire rating the structures in your centre.

  • As said above, certain building regulations require different levels of fire protection, so by adhering to those regulations and administering the changes, you will be able to keep operating as a business and ensure that everyone is safe from harm.
  • The cost of having to repair or even rebuild your facility would be extremely high. So it would be more beneficial and would potentially save you more money, if you install the correct fire protection in your storage centre.
  • The fire ratings dictated to you by building control, would give your customers and staff enough time to escape your facility in the event of a fire. Therefore, you ultimately increase the overall security and safety of your centre.

How can PSL help?

It’s important that you choose the right installers, who have experience offering the best and most cost effective fire protection available to you. This is where PSL can help. Depending on what you were advised by building control, we will offer you construction which is complaint with all fire protection requirements and we guarantee that we will provide high levels of fire protection for all elements of the structures found throughout your facility, from lift shafts to compartment walls, fire lobbies and much more. Not only that, we offer additional fire products such as a wide range of fire doors, suspended ceilings, column cases and different grades of fire walls, which all maintain the safety of your facility.

If you'd like to install fire protection in your facility, click the button to get in touch with us today.