4 Reasons To Use Stud Walls

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 Why should you be using stud walls?

Within your storage facility, stud walls are a great way to create and install a new office, toilet, compartment wall as well as other various features that your storage company may need. Not only that, they can be easily installed within any centre and in various locations. Here at PSL, we have years of experience constructing stud walls and we’ve built a large number of them for the majority of our clients. So, if you still need convincing as to why they could be important for your centre, here are 4 of the best reasons.

5 reasons why you should be using stud walls in your storage centre

  1. As said above, stud walls are a great way to create that extra office, reception, compartment wall etc. that you’ve always needed in your centre. They are also relatively easy to construct, especially for PSL, so it won’t take long to build them for you, meaning less time building, more time running your business.
  2. All of the stud walls that PSL design are made from sturdy, durable materials. Each wall is constructed with a metal frame system, which is then secured to either the floor, ceiling or walls with metal upright studs. After that, the frame is covered in plasterboard which increases the strength and security of the wall and also provides the fire integrity that you need. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a long lasting, sustainable wall.
  3. One of the most important reasons is that each stud wall comes with fire protection (the level of protection is dependant on your specification to which is individual to each project, but we can offer protection from 30 minutes & upwards on your request). This ensures that your facility is fire protected and ensures the safety of all of those involved with your centre and also protects their belongings.
  4. Every single stud wall can be painted and styled to match your preferences, so you can keep your centre consistent and appealing by choosing the most appropriate style.

Even with all of those reasons, if you don’t use the right installer for these stud walls, then you won’t get the full benefits from these products. So make  sure you choose the best and most trusted suppliers, such as PSL. We’d be happy to install them for all of our new and existing clients and with other 20  years experience, we’ve definitely built enough of them to know what we’re doing. Therefore, keep us in mind if you’re ever thinking of installing these  walls and simply leave us a message through the contact page of our site and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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