5 Great Things About Partition Panels

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Partition panels in Self Storage

Every unit constructed inside a Self Storage facility will have been built using partition panels. Partitioning panels, from external to internal, come in various different forms and systems to suit your personal preference and budget. The corridor panels can be formed in a corrugated or as a flush profile, all available in high gloss white hi-tensile panel. Here are 5 of the best things about partition panels:

The 5 great things

  • Each internal partition panel is crafted from high Zincalume coated steel sheets ensuring an exceptional amount of corrosion resistance and protection which also guarantees a long life span for each panel.
  • Internal and corridor panels are versatile and can be adapted to fit any space within your centre. So if you have excess space and want a fit a small unit there, then that’s no problem.
  • There is no set range of sizes to choose from, units can be designed to fit your demand. Therefore, meaning less restrictions and better quality of design.
  • The corridor partition panels gives your facility a bright and uniformed appearance which will give your centre a very professional look.
  • All internal and corridor systems are removable, this gives you flexibility in the future to alter the unit configuration.

What do PSL provide?

Unlike a lot of self storage contractors, PSL aren't governed to using only 1 style of panel. We can fit different variations of panels and install them to your specifications and requirements with no hassle at all. No matter what your system is within your current store, we can provide a system to match, ensuring all your facilities have a consistent look. Take a look at some our partitioning panels below:

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