6 Great Benefits Of Locker Systems

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What are the benefits of locker systems?

Within almost every storage facility, most operators will have a mixture of locker systems located somewhere within the centre. These additional self storage units provide a mix of storage unit sizes (also known as the space mix) and attract a large variation of customers. So what are some of the benefits of using them? Here are 6 great benefits that people often find when using locker systems.

  1. Locker systems are a great way to maximise the floor space that you have and can fit almost anywhere in a Self Storage centre as they can be installed behind stairwells, in oversized hallways or they can be stacked together in un-rentable units.
  2. They’re extremely popular with students because the units are only small, 1 metre x 1 metre, so they provide enough space for essential storage and can be rented at a lower price whilst in turn still increasing your customer reach and audience.
  3. These units give an extra range of storage that you can offer to your customers. Some people won’t need a large storage unit, so by offering additional alternatives, you’ll meet the needs of different customers.
  4. Different variations of locker systems can be installed inside a storage centre. For instance, PSL can offer it’s clients various formatted panels which make systems more individual and more specific to the client.
  5. Units can be stacked up high, increasing the amount of lockers that you have to offer, although this is dependant on the height of your building.
  6. Most locker systems are easily movable meaning they’re perfect for building into wasted space areas. Alternatively, one of the options that PSL offers is 2 types of locker systems which is your standard kit form consisting of stackable and movable units in a flat finish or a fixed structure block which would be constructed from the same panels used to build the corridor systems which means this block of units will match the corridor systems and it give a consistent look to your facility.

Building these locker systems within your self storage centre will help your business in more ways than one. They’re a great method of attracting a larger array of customers, whilst using up excess space within your facility. If you still need more information on locker systems or are looking for a qualified and experienced contractor to install some units for you, then feel free to visit the locker systems page on our website or get in touch by email or phone and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Take a look at some of the locker systems we’ve previously built and see for yourself how they’d fit within your storage centre!





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