Roller staircase

Roller staircases are a perfect way of expanding your space providing you with an additional storage level. We offer unrivalled expertise and technical support in the design and build of these Roller staircases providing the extra level enabling you to increase your profit. You choose the colours to match your colour scheme which you can

Partitioning units

Partitioning Services Limited can provide many different systems from flat to corrugated panels. Our high quality steel panels are robust to withstand damage caused by trolleys. We can offer a variety of colour schemes to suit your companies colour. Door types such as swing or rollup are available. Our services also include the construction of

suspended ceilings

  Partitioning Services have vast experience in fitting suspended ceilings, suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from the structural floor slab above. We have fitted various sizes to suit all budgets with it being very cost effective option particularly across large areas Suspended ceilings are very popular for concealing unsightly installations that otherwise would alter

Reception areas

Making a bold statement with a professional looking reception area gives a good, organised and clean feel to your storage centre. Partitioning Services Limited has vast experience in fitting reception areas, kitchens and toilets. Partitioning Services Limited can also offer a full range of partitioning systems to help make the most of your workspace and


Adding a mezzanine floor to your build can double your partitioning area, enabling you to increase your profit. Partitioning Services have completed many major installations and have a vast experience in all aspects of mezzanine floors. Every client has a specific finish allowing you to be able to request stairwells, handrails and flooring of your


Why not add a locker system to your self-storage build, when looking for storage, not everyone is looking to store large items. Locker systems are very popular with students looking to store goods out of term time. Filling the void space with lockers could potentially increase your profit having the option to offer a smaller

Garage units

Garage units are a great safe,clean and efficient way to store your goods.  Partitioning Services  are able to assist you from design to installation. Over the past 20 years, Partitioning Services have manufactured and installed a vast number of external storage units for customers. All our units are water tight and fully insulated, constructed from high