How can partitioning help you?

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What actually is partitioning?

The correct definition for partitioning is to divide a room into smaller rooms or areas by erecting partitions. So in the case of self storage, it’s all to do with constructing steel partitioning that will not only protect your customers personal belongings, but will also most importantly allow you to utilize any available, excess space you have within your building and create a way of generating profit for your business should you choose the self storage route. Partitioning will consist of a steel structure, followed by units for storage which will all be accompanied by either roller shutter/swing doors and different lock systems.

What does PSL have to offer?

All features of the partitioning system will be dependent on the construction company that's being used. Here at PSL, we can offer many different variations of steel partitioning in order to help meet your requirements and needs. We're one of the only construction companies that can offer you any specific system that you require as we are capable of using different systems from flat panel to corrugated systems which are purposely made for the storage industry. Some of the other features that we also offer to all of our clients are that all of our partitioning is made of high quality steel with all corridor panels in a high gloss finish, all roller shutters and swing doors can be designed with your company colours, we offer the option of unit protection which consists of installing aluminium corner/kick plates and corner protectors which will make sure that units are not damaged by customers or staff and furthermore, phases can be built within your facilities meaning that we can build units for you whilst you still continue to operate on a daily basis.

How would you benefit from using partitioning?

Regarding profit making, the self storage industry generates over £355 million just in the UK alone and almost every single storage facility will have a partitioning system built. Not only that, on average, over 250,000 people are using storage facilities every year so it's a very active industry. If you don't take our word for it, the SSA (Self Storage Association) can provide that information for you. So if you're looking into building some partitioning units or just need some information on where to get started and how, don't hesitate to visit the partitioning section of our website and get in contact today!

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