Choose External Self Storage Units Today

Why choose external self storage units?

From garage units to container units, you name it and PSL will be to able design and install it for you. Over the past 18 years, PSL have manufactured and installed a large number of external storage units for a wide range of customers, all with the purpose of providing them with a perfect storage solution. We make sure that we optimize all wasted excess space in order to help your storage centre reach it’s full potential and increase your net lettable space. By installing external storage units, you not only open yourself up to attracting a wider range of customers with different needs, but you also increase the potential amount of profit for your own business, so it’s win-win.

With our external storage units, we will construct a range of unit blocks, consisting of different sizes, throughout your yard space. One of the best parts about these units is that they require less staff to maintain therefore meaning low overheads for your business. Drive up storage units are also ideal for those who need regular access, so if you were to get these units, you can provide 24 hour access to your customers which is great for frequent visitors to your centre.

Still need convincing? Head over to the external storage section of our website and learn more about how great these products can be for your business.