Completed Mezzanine Floor Project In Horsham

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Another Mezzanine Floor constructed by PSL!

PSL have recently just finished another project for one of our clients in Horsham. For this client, we managed to install a brand new mezzanine floor system, built from sturdy, high-tensile and lightweight materials, within their facility. This wasn’t no ordinary project however, as due to specific machines needing to go underneath the mezzanine floor, our client needed minimum upright legs to make the area open plan. However, this was not a problem for PSL. This in turn gave us a great opportunity to test our skills and boundaries by installing over 15 metre stills in the facility, which we do so expertly.

If you’re ever in need of your very own mezzanine floor, we’d be happy to help and advise you on the best solution. PSL are one of the biggest self storage construction companies in the UK that provides our clients with unrivalled expertise and technical support. We ensure that you receive the most cost-effective design which will maximise your storage capacity and increase your net lettable space. Not only that, all of our systems are constructed with a steel frames which are capable of supporting the load that would be imposed by the storage units and we can build single, double and multi-tier mezzanine floor systems which will mean that you can have a multi-level storage facility for a relatively low cost. So don’t hestitate, give us a call today or visit our website to find out more information.

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