Invest In The Self Storage Industry Today!

In the UK, there has been a vast increase in the amount of self storage businesses emerging as the demand for storage space intensifies, even other businesses such as removal companies are deciding to get involved and branch into this industry due to its success.

Did you know that the annual turnover for the storage industry was £449 million in 2015 or that the occupancy rates were at 73.1% for the current amount of net lettable space in the UK? This is just a small indication of how storage has blossomed in the last few years and that the demand for new facilities is evident.  If you own an unused building, now could be the perfect time to get in touch with PSL to help you with your own self storage conversion?

Here is a list of the benefits that would arise from owning your own centre:

  • You will be able to turn wasted excess space into extra revenue with expertly designed partitioning units.
  • Partitioning units can be easily and professionally installed by our own expert construction team.
  • These partitioning systems will help attract a new range of customer looking for an internal storage solution.
  • Self storage facilities will provide you with low maintenance and require low overheads due to less staff and reduced electricity/water requirements.

Over the last 20 years, we have been able to provide a large number of storage centres to a whole host of different clients throughout the UK and Europe which makes us one of the best when it comes to self storage conversion. Our design services  ensure that we can offer you the most cost effective and efficient unit layout possible.

Want to find out more about our conversion services?

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