Increase your net lettable space with external storage units

With most self storage companies, there is often wasted excess space located around the building and for most of these companies it is a loss of potential earnings and net lettable space. However, there is a way that you can utilise this wasted excess space and earn some extra revenue at the same time which is all thanks to external storage units. These units offer your business the opportunity to cater to a wider range of customers by providing them the perfect alternative storage solution. Not only that, external storage units ranging from garage units to containers can help store a large number of items to suit every customers' needs which is a great for your business.


It is important that you choose an experienced self storage contractor to install your very own external storage units and this is where Partitioning Services Limited can help you. For over 15 years, PSL have constructed a large number of external storage units for a number of clients. We can help design and build a series of clean, dry and insulated garage units that comprise of steel cladding and roller shutter doors. With the units themselves, they can be built on an existing concrete slab or an uneven surface which will mean no matter what condition the area surrounding your building is in, the chances are that you will be able to utilise the wasted excess space by installing external storage units.

If you want to see some of units that we have built for a number of clients in the past, check out the gallery below or go to the garage units section of our website by clicking here to find out more.