Finished storage facility construction in Norway

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We’ve now completed another storage facility construction in Norway!

PSL have been working on another storage facility construction in Sarpsborg, Norway for one of our previous clients, MiniLager, who asked us to return this year to help design and refurbish another facility for their business. The project lasted for a short number of weeks and during this time we managed to get a lot of work done. We built a large number of partitioning units that were built with flush swing doors and corrugated roller doors, all in a poppy red finish to match MiniLager’s corporate colours.

What other work did we do?

On competition of the the storage facility construction we also managed to construct a suspended ceiling, column cases, 1 hour fire protected fascia panels to give the relevant fire protection needed, external display area and much more.
Following a specific system that are client wanted, we designed the units with 500 wide high gloss white panels. Additionally, we managed to convert another of the clients unused warehouses into a large configuration of bulk units which used up a large amount of excess space that they had.
The client had expressed happiness with the build and design of the facility and has said that they will be using PSL again when they build their next facility in this coming summer.

What can PSL do for you?

If you're actually looking for some help or guidance with your own storage facility construction, then don't hesitate to contact us here at PSL. We'd love to give you as much information on anything from mezzanine floor to locker systems. With over 20 years experience and having constructed over 200 storage facilities, we're definitely some what professionals at self storage construction and design and we'd love to meet all your expectations and specifications.

Visit the rest of our website for more details & get in touch today! Also, check out the latest pictures from the finished project below.