Improve Your Net Lettable Space With Garage Units

Turn wasted excess space into extra revenue with garage units!

When it comes to self storage, most operators are always looking for ways to increase their net lettable space in order to attract more customers and this is why a vast majority of them decide to install garage units throughout their facility. These garage units provide a great alternative to regular, internal self storage units and they help consume up a large amount of wasted space that may be found throughout a facility, such as with unused yard space. Therefore, not only do you get the opportunity to increase your revenue with these units, but you also get the chance to meet the needs and specifications of a wider range of customers, which is extremely beneficial for your business.

Here's a few more reasons as to how garage units can help your self storage business:

  • Garage units allow your business to be able to run a 24 hour site allowing customers to have access at all times.
  • They help your business reach a larger audience base as certain customers may be looking to run an office or workshop from them.
  • Can store a variety of larger items which may not be stored in an internal unit. This also improves customer range.

Thinking of installing some garage units?

However, when it comes to constructing garage units, it is important to choose one of the most trusted and expert self storage companies to help you build perfect units for your facility. This is where Partitioning Services LTD can help. Here at PSL, we don't just specialize in the construction of standard internal self storage units, we additionally give the option of  designing and building a series of external garage units which comprise of roller shutter doors and steel cladding. These units can all be made to each individual clients specifications such as branding with corporate colours. All of the facilities that PSL build are clean, dry and insulated and can be built on an existing concrete slab, an uneven surface or on a free-standing base.

PSL can alter and make different configurations of the garage units as we can construct a building block of units in a continuous run or they can be built individually and placed in specific locations around the site. Multiple clients of ours have decided to use garage units for self storage. If you're looking to expand and make use of any excess external space, give PSL a call or click here for more information.

Here are a few photographs of some of the most recent garage units that we've built: