Why choose roller shutter doors for your storage facility?

Creating perfect self storage units that are secure and easily accessible is important for every storage company, that is why you should consider giving your units the best possible finish by using roller shutter doors. These products, like the ones that we supply here at PSL, are constructed from high quality, durable materials and are also built from corrosion resistant, aluzinc steel in order to prevent rusting which will increase life expectancy.

Furthermore, these plastisol roller shutter doors are finished with an abrasion resistant topcoat that reduces the risk of damage and visible markings. Each door is fitted with a slide locking mechanism, an adjustive closure spring mechanism and with either a pull cord or handle which will improve the security and accessibility of the units and not only that, this allows you to sell your customer padlocks which opens up another revenue stream for your business.


Want to learn more about roller shutter doors?

Here's a few ways in which roller shutter doors can help you:

  • The doors require low maintenance and this will generally help keep your overheads down.
  • Roller shutter doors can come in a range of bright colour options to match your corporate colours or specifications.
  • Range of latch options are available to keep your units secure.
  • Different sizes are also available, ranging from 1m - 2.5m, to suit any of your specifications.