Invest in Drive Up Storage Units

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If you’re looking to drive up some extra income for your self storage facility, then you should definitely consider drive up storage units. Not only will they increase your revenue, but they’ll extend your customer range by providing a perfect storage solution for a variety of people’s different situations. These units can be constructed in unit blocks of different sizes, which is something that PSL can provide for you, throughout your facility and can use up wasted excess yard space. The best part is they require less staff to maintain therefore meaning low overheads for your business. Drive up storage units are also ideal for those who need regular access, so if you were to get these units, you can provide 24 hour access to your customers which is great for frequent visitors to your centre.

What are some of the other benefits?

If you still need convincing, drive up storage units can be fitted with CCTV and other methods of security which ensure not only your customers peace of mind but makes sure that your business is safe and secure. A secure perimeter fence can be placed around the units in order to give added security. Each unit also comes with user friendly roller shutter doors, like the ones that PSL can provide which are made from corrosion resistant and aluzinc-coated steel which is then coated in a plastisol abrasive resistant topcoat that reduces the risk of damage and visible markings. Moreover, we can add your corporate colours to the door panels to give your facility a great uniformed and stylish look. So keep drive up storage units in mind if you're looking to add some added income to your centre and take a look at some of the units we've made in the past and don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking to build some of them.