Capitalise on wasted excess space with self storage lockers made by PSL

The majority of storage centres in the UK & Europe will often have areas of under utilised space which can often lead to those storage businesses losing out on extra income. However, there is a solution to this problem, with the help of Partitioning Services Limited we can install locker systems within your facility that will give you an excellent opportunity to maximise the floor space of your centre whilst also helping you to acquire a new range of customer in the form of students who are more inclined to use these systems.

Our locker systems come with a variety of benefits, here are a few reasons for why you should consider using them:

  • If you already have self storage units, the doors for the lockers can match the existing colour scheme.
  • Depending on the height of your building, self storage lockers can be stacked up to three units high.
  • They can be easily moved into various locations throughout your centre.
  • Lockers can offer added rentable space to any facility and can pay for themselves very quickly.
  • Due to the size of these lockers they can be fit behind stairwells, in oversized hallways or stacked together in unrentable units.

As part of the service that Partitioning Services Limited can provide to you, we can supply self storage lockers that are built to match the rest of the units throughout your centre which provides uniformity to the design and layout. We are totally flexible and work towards ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Our locker systems are available as part of our service and are also available in numerous variations of formatted panels to make your system more individual to your requirements.

Want to find out more about our self storage lockers?

If you are thinking of installing these great products why not give PSL a call on 01268 461358 or head over to the contact section of our website by clicking HERE to ask us some questions.