One of the UK's leaders in mezzanine floor design

When it comes to mezzanine floor design, Partitioning Services Limited are one of the leading designers of modern, innovative and high quality mezzanine floors. All of our mezzanine floors are built from lightweight, durable, high quality steel structures that can be finished in a wide range of colours to suit your business specifications. PSL can help construct and design multi-tier systems that will give you the opportunity to double or triple your partitioning area which in turn will increase your profits considerably. Depending on what you require, we can also supply stairwells, handrails and flooring in order to help give you the best mezzanine floor design possible.


What else can PSL offer when it comes to mezzanine floor design?

  • We can construct mezzanine floors which can be completed in phases to suit your finances.
  • A variety of bespoke systems can be fitted by our skilled constructors, if required.
  • PSL can carry out a full site survey to help utilise your space.
  • Once the site survey has been completed by our surveyor, our design team will draw up your plans with incredible accuracy and detail. Then, the plan is checked to ensure that all building and safety regulations have been followed.

Want to learn more about our design services?

Give us a call on 01268 461358 or visit the mezzanine floor section on our website by clicking on the button.