Need Stud partition walls?

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In your storage facility, you’re either going to need an office, a reception, a toilet area, a compartment wall and so on for a number of different reasons. So the easiest answer to solve that problem would be use stud partition walls, which can be installed with ease. These walls are comprised of a metal frame with metal upright studs that secure it to the floor, ceiling/walls. Then, they’re covered in plasterboard which keeps the structure not only strong and secure, but also flexible and stylish as they can be painted over into any style that you want. Even more so, they offer you a great level of privacy due to their thickness and durability. Additionally to this and more importantly, it gives you the relevant fire protection needed to keep building control happy.

Stud partition walls can be installed in various places throughout your facility which capitalizes on wasted excess space in your building. Not only that, but they’re great way of installing that extra new office that you desperately needed while your expanding .  Most of the facilities that we’ve helped build and design will have had stud partition walls installed and we’d be happy to install them for all of our new and existing clients. Therefore, keep us in mind if you’re ever thinking of installing these walls, we’d be happy to offer you any information you need and hopefully we can build some for you!