Keep your customers and storage centre safe with expert fire protection

Throughout the UK and Europe, providing secure and safe self storage units is essential for any storage company and ensuring that your customers and their assets have adequate fire protection is even more important. Therefore when constructing a new phase or storage facility, it is vital that you choose the right storage unit installers, who have experience offering the best and most cost effective fire protection available to you. This is where PSL can help.

What can PSL offer my business?

We can provide your business with fire regulation complaint construction that ensures you keep up with guidelines set by building control and we guarantee that we will provide high levels of fire protection for all elements of the structures found throughout your facility, from lift shafts to compartment walls. In addition to this, extra fire protection can be installed to your facility such as a wide range of fire doors, suspended ceilings, column cases and firewalls which all work towards maintaining the safety of your facility.

All of the fire protection that we provide will range between 30 minutes to 2 hours worth of protection, alternative levels of protection can also be provided on request. We aim to work around your requirements. If you are worried that the installation of these products will affect the overall look of your facility, then don’t worry, PSL will ensure that the overall style of your centre remains professional and clean.

Looking for more information about our services?

If you would like to find out more about what PSL can offer your business, click on the 'Click Here' button to check out the fire protection section of our website or you can call us on 01268 461358 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!