PSL: Your Mezzanine Floor Supplier

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Do you need a mezzanine floor installed?

Need an experienced and trusted mezzanine floor supplier? Then look no further. PSL are one of the leading suppliers of mezzanine floors within the UK with over 20 years experience handling the design and construction of these products. We can supply you with a large variety of different mezzanine floor plans from multi-tiered to single-tiered projects which will double or even triple your partition areas and increase your profits considerably. All of our structures are constructed with a steel-frame that can support a large amount of storage units and their contents and if need be, we can install a bespoke system for your facility too.

What else can PSL do for you?

Before we even think of constructing the mezzanine floor, we carry out a full site survey, which is then designed with Autocad, which ensures accuracy and detail for every component of the mezzanine floor and it makes sure that most importantly, that we are following all building and safety regulations. Some of the other things we can do for you is supply your self storage facility with different finishes, ranging from stairwells, handrails and different flooring styles to suit your preferences. PSL also give you the added option of building in phases, so if you want need to build up revenue early, we can come back in the future and construct the rest of the floor. Check out our gallery to see some of the mezzanine floors that we have supplied to our clients in the past & visit the mezzanine flooring page of our website for more information.

If you'd like to get in contact with us regarding a mezzanine floor installation, just click on the button and leave us a message.