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Don’t hesitate, get involved with self storage today!

With the self storage industry flourishing, it could be the perfect time to get involved with self storage, either with construction of a new phase/build or even if you’re just starting out, it’s a great time to venture into the industry. However, when deciding to build a new facility or units, it is very important that you choose the best and most experienced contractor out there to help you design a flawless centre. This is where PSL comes in.

8 reasons why you should choose an experienced contractor

Self storage is one of the most convenient methods of storing valuable possessions or items that are taking up too much room with a whole range of different customers who are likely to want to use your storage centre. Thanks to PSL's numerous years of experience in the industry, it has given us an insight into not only what your customer needs, but also the requirements your must have to meet industry standards. Below is a list of some of the great services PSL can offer in order to help build a perfect centre for you.

  • Partitioning Services Limited also offer the option to businesses of working in phases meaning that you can earn whilst we construct. We will build a few storage units allowing you to earn some money, we can then come back in the near future and build even more.
  • Our entire unit layouts are designed with AutoCAD and converted to PDF files for your approval, which allows us to be able to plan and design your centre based on your specifications, in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.
  • Our designs enable us to construct the storage centre using different systems that we have in place.
  • We aim to match all of your unique requirements such as a specific unit mix whilst keeping strictly within all building regulations. We can offer guidance and expertise on the best design for your facility that will increase your income revenue.
  • PSL complies with SSA membership standards which require us to ensure that all safety and security procedures are implemented, such as use of CCTV monitoring systems, having a secure perimeter and meeting all fire and safety regulations, therefore ensuring the safety and well being of your items/centre.
  • Self storage allows you to also store a large variety of different sized objects due to units ranging in different sizes from locker units to 100sq feet units and much more. We can design these units to ensure that you can match any customers requirements.
  • PSL have over 20 years experience within the self storage industry from the design stage through to the full build.
  • We have built multiple facilities for the same self storage businesses such as Alligator Storage, Kangaroo Self Storage and Storage Giant and all of these projects can be seen on our website.

If you still need more info, feel free to contact us by calling us on the contact number at the top of the page or email us at: