Quality Mezzanine Floor Design

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Maximise your potential net lettable space with a mezzanine floor

PSL are one of the biggest self storage construction companies in the UK that provides unrivalled expertise and technical support in mezzanine floor design and construction. All of our design services are available to every single one of our clients and we ensure that we construct the most cost effective mezzanine floor available. We also make sure that we stay within strict safety and building regulations as we carry out site surveys before we plan the build, which ensures that mezzanine floor design and your business follows strict regulations such as the floor height, fire escape routes and accommodation stair locations.

By viewing your site before installation, we can recommend the best possible mezzanine system for your centre so as to not waste your time or money and to optimize the majority of the excess space found within your facility. Constructed from sturdy, high-tensile and lightweight materials, our mezzanine systems can be installed within your facility in either a single or multi-tier system, depending on your building height or personal preferences. Therefore, providing your with a reliable system which potentially can greatly increase profit for your business.

PSL can provide you with high quality, but lost cost product to give you the most professional mezzanine floor possible. So, if you want to increase your net lettable space and gain some extra income at the same time, then mezzanine floors are the perfect solution and we’d be happy to help to provide you with a bespoke mezzanine floor design and we’ll construct it for you. Check out the gallery below to see some of the mezzanine floors that we have designed in the past.


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