PSL prides itself on being able to give its clients the best possible design services available this is why we give all of our clients the option for us to design, supply and implement a self storage electrical layout for their storage facilities. Thanks to our many years in the self storage industry, we are able to know exactly what components will be required throughout your facility. We can install a whole range of products from fire alarms and smoke detectors to P.I.R systems and much more. Furthermore, depending what else you may require, PSL will be able to work around your specifications quickly and efficiently to ensure you the best possible self storage electrical layout. 

What is the purpose of using general and emergency lighting in your facility?

Providing your customers with comfort and security is extremely important, so by using general lighting within the corridors you will be able to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that your customers will enjoy. When it comes to controlling the lighting, there are usually 2 ways to do this, either by PIR (motion sensors) or via a switch. However, the majority of facilities are designed to use the PIR system because it fits in with the design and layout of the partitioning systems and can actually save you money on installation because you can install less lights throughout your storage centre.

PSL also have to take into account, what would happen in case of a power failure throughout your building. Therefore, our self storage electrical layout makes it necessary for us to design and emergency lighting layout which will help light up all designated escape routes and enclosures in order to give your customers and visitors an escape route into the open air, which is extremely important.

Importance of Installing smoke detectors and Fire Alarms

Fire prevention and detection is vitally important to all self storage businesses because it can help prevent further damage or loss of property or even life. This is why our electrical systems have fire alarms and smoke detection systems that work in tandem to ensure that if there is a fire, people can be alerted as soon as possible and can make their exit and also that the fire is discovered as quick as possible. PSL follow local fire authorities rules and regulations to ensure that there is no breach of the same and that your centre can operate effectively and efficiently.

if you are ever in need of a self storage electrical layout or just need more information, call us on 01268 461358 or use the button to contact us.