Trusted UK Self Storage Builder

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Looking for a trusted self storage builder within the UK? Look no further!

With over 20 years experience in the self storage construction industry, Partitioning Services Limited are one of the largest and most reliable self storage builders within the UK. We have supplied a large number of self storage units for our clients, not only in the UK, but throughout Europe as well and have acquired a lot of recurring customers who we’ve built multiple centres for. Regarding our clients, we can design, construct and install a huge array of high quality products from mezzanine floors to suspended ceilings, which are all built from high quality materials. Our partitioning units are available in a variety of different systems and styles, from flat to corrugated corridor panels, which will satisfy all of your customer specifications and requirements.

Kangaroo Storage White

As a self storage builder, we are capable of installing a complete fit out to your building or providing phase builds, which is all dependant on your finances and how you want to work. PSL aim to meet your companies needs and give you unrivalled customer service as well as keeping you updated on all activity regarding your centre and providing regular site checks to make sure everything is to an above satisfactory level. Furthermore, external self storage units can also be built within your facility which will improve the income for your business and use up wasted, excess yard space.

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Check out the rest of our website and visit some of our other pages, such as the partitioning units page, and get more information on what we do and give yourself a bigger insight into what PSL has done in the past. So, if you need a self storage builder, keep us in mind, we’d love to help make your ideal self storage facility a reality.

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