Improve your self storage centre with a reception area

Making a great first impression on your customers is very important, that is why your self storage centre should have a clean, bright and professional reception area. By installing one within your facility,  you will be able to create an attractive and welcoming area for your clients whilst also demonstrating how safe and secure your facility is with the help of Access Control & CCTV, which can be supplied by Partitioning Services Limited.


A good reception will pay for itself.

Research has shown that on average, most UK self storage companies can increase their income by 12% by selling parcel tape, padlocks and even insurance.

How PSL can help you

If you're looking into designing your own reception area, you should use an experienced self storage contractor, like PSL, to help you. Here at PSL, we have vast experience in fitting recptions, offices, kitchen areas and toilets. Whatever size or style, we are able to make the most of your workspace and work around your requirements and specifications. We are also able to offer you bespoke reception desks and made to measure, high quality furniture so that you can finilaze the perfect look for your reception areas.

Not only that, PSL can also provide a full range of partitioning systems to suit your space and budget. This ranges from glass partitioning, movable partitioning and solid partitioning. By using these partitioning systems, it will help create a flexible, stylish work area that can offer your business privacy but also gives you the added benefit of being able to move it when needed.

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