Upcoming Projects In Scotland

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We’re back in Scotland!

PSL are yet again heading back to Scotland this year with plans of constructing a new self storage centre, not only in Glasgow, but in Dundee too. In the past, we’ve built a large number of storage centres for our Scottish clients, with Kangaroo Self Storage being one of many, and because we’ve been in Scotland so often, we feel like it’s our second home now. With the self storage industry flourishing in Scotland, it would be a great idea to consider investing in your own self storage centre so you can reap the benefits. The average turnover last year for smaller businesses has risen to 7.5% from 4% and is set to increase this year, which means it’s definitely a perfect time to start thinking of creating your own business and with occupancy rates increasing from 65% to 69%, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on this opportunity.

So hopefully when we visit, you’ll keep an eye out for us and if you’re looking to build your own self storage centre, feel free to contact us any time and we’ll help guide you through the process, taking care of everything from the design through to the completion of your own facility. Check out one of the projects that we built previously for Kangaroo Self Storage in Glasgow.


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