4 Great Benefits Of Using Self Storage Lockers

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Thinking of installing self storage lockers?

With self storage becoming increasingly popular amongst students, why not meet their needs with self storage lockers? These lockers provide an excellent alternative storage solution at a reasonably low manufacturing cost and allows you to maximise your floor space by offering added rentable space to any facility, which in turn pay for themselves very quickly.

Not only that, here 4 more benefits that you would receive from installing self storage lockers:

  • The lockers that PSL provide are built to match the existing/planned unit layout which will provide your storage facility with a uniform design.
  • They are perfect for building into wasted space areas, such as behind stairwells, in oversized hallways or stacked together in unrentable units.
  • Depending on the height of your building, these lockers can be stacked up to three high, which will mean more net lettable space for your business.
  • Locker systems are available in numerous variations of formatted panels to make your system more individual to your requirements and PSL are capable of installing a variety of different systems, so we can easily install any system that you require.

If you need some more information, check out the self storage lockers section of our website by clicking on the button.