Self Storage Lockers From PSL

Self storage companies will always need to find alternative ways to attract different customers to their centre and one perfect way of doing so is by installing self storage lockers. These products are very popular with students as they offer an ideal amount of space for their storage needs. However, self storage lockers are not only used to cater to students, they can also be used not only increase your unit range but will also accommodate anyone requiring a smaller amount of space than a 25sqft unit.

What else can self storage lockers offer your business?

  • They can be constructed at a reasonably low manufacturing cost.
  • These products will maximise your floor space as lockers can be built in unused, wasted space which will offer added rentable space to any facility and in turn will pay for themselves very quickly.
  • Lockers can be built as 10sqft units which can be stacker three units high.
  • The locker doors can be colour matched to existing storage units.

It is important to use a trusted and experienced company that is capable of constructing high quality self storage lockers and this is where Partitioning Services Limited can help. Thanks to our numerous years in the storage industry, we can create bespoke locker systems to fit perfectly into your space, ensuring a clean and tidy layout and all of our products are made from high quality, tensile steel materials which guarantees a long lasting system.

Want to learn more about our self storage lockers?

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