Different Styles Of Self Storage Doors

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Choose the right self storage doors!

When it comes to choosing the correct self storage doors for your facility, there are 2 options: roller shutter or swing doors. Both of these products come with a large number of great features, but it’s important that you select the right ones in order to meet the daily demands of your business and meet your customers requirements. When making the decision, there are many factors that you need to consider, such as the sizes of your units that you need to what type of storage you’re catering for (regarding large sized items) and so on. Therefore, we’ve created a list of some of the specifications and benefits that you’d get from using each type of door that we ourselves, Partitioning Services Limited, design and build and hopefully it will help with picking the best self storage doors for your storage centre.


Using Swing Doors:

- With the swing doors that we provide, they are available in either a 1m wide single or 2m wide double, so depending on what you require, it can give you an extra wide storage entrance for your units.

Using Roller doors:

- Roller doors are constructed from corrosion resistant, aluzinc coated steel which help prevent rusting. They are mainly used on the ground floor.

- Like roller doors, they are coated in a plastisol finish and with an abrasion resistant topcoat which reduces the risk of damage and visible markings.

- Each part of the door is created from high quality, durable materials which ensure long lasting doors for your facility.

- All of our doors are complete with a rear strengthening bar which improves stability of the products.

- All of the doors that PSL provides are coated in a plastisol finish with an abrasion resistant topcoat that reduces the risk of damage and visible markings.

- Unlike the roller doors, swing doors can save you space, due to smaller sizes available and require less maintenance.

- Roller doors can be designed in a range of sizes here at PSL, ranging from 900mm and upwards, depending on your specifications. Therefore, you can provide a great deal of easy access to your customers.

Do you still need more information?

If you're still looking for more information regarding self storage doors, then don't hesitate to either contact us here at PSL or simply check out the roller and swing door section of our website.